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What Hit

The Totally Awesome Hulk #22 – Weapons of Mutant Destruction Conclusion

The only reason this goes down as a hit is because it was the first appearance of Weapon H. However, the entire issue was ruined by the obnoxious Amadeus Cho spending the issue lecturing the rest of the Weapon X team for killing. Meanwhile he let Bobby, the failed Weapon H product, loose, nearly killing the team and dozens of civilians. Then, as they saved the citizens, Weapon H was released and then decapitated Bobby. Weapon H turned on his creators, who escaped before he turned and ran away. Bobby then lectured the team again and stomped off like a little bitch.

The issue is definitely worth picking up, reading, and saving as it’s price is likely to only go up. However, lame Hulk strikes again as he ruins another cool story.


What to Read

Superman #29

The yellow fear entity Parallax is invading children’s bodies. When he meets Superman, he wants to use his body as a host. Superman agrees to sacrifice his body to save the children and becomes SuperParallax. But Sinestro shows up and wants his entity back, setting up for a showdown between the two in the next issue.

The issue is selling for at or below cover price on the secondary market, but it’s worth hanging on to.


Generations: Wolverine/All-New Wolverine #1

It’s good to see Logan back in his old tiger striped costume. His daughter, Amiko, has been kidnapped by the Hand and Laura Kinney shows up to fight alongside him. After defeating the Hand, they clash with the old-school Sabretooth who reveals he’s behind the kidnapping. He plans to train Amiko to be used as a weapon against Logan. After the Wolverines kick Sabretooth’s ass in mid-air, having jumped out of a plane, the two share a passionate moment as Laura returns to the present and Logan returns to spend time with his daughter.

The Generations storylines really have no impact on the rest of the Marvel Universe and are likely a cash grab as they continue searching for a direction. However, the one-shot’s so far have been solid stories that are worth the read.


Divinity #0

If you’re a fan of comics, this issue is a good pick up, even if you’re not a Valiant fan. Renado Guedes’ artwork is amazing with detailed, dream-like character sketches through every page. The issues takes place after the events of the Stalinverse series, lays out where each major character currently stands, and provides an overview of the Valiant Universe itself. Valiant is difficult to be a fringe fan of or only like one or two of their series. You kind of have to be all in on them or not. They’re upcoming series War Mother (August 23), Bloodshot Salvation by Jeff Lemire (September 20), and Eternity (October 25) all seem promising. If you’re not already a fan of Valiant Comics, this may be a good time to jump in on it.


Astonishing X-Men #2

Despite the letdown of the ResurrXion titles so far, Astonishing X-Men appears to be the lone hit. Astonishing X-Men is composed of all the most popular X-characters, most of which have been left out of the other ResurrXion series (except of course Logan), which is the likely reason for the other titles failing to catch on. The series piles danger on top of danger.


Psylocke is stuck fighting the Shadowking’s attacks on psychics across the world, including herself, while protecting the bodies of Gambit, Logan, Rogue, Fantomex, and Beast(ish) who are in the astral plane (basically the Matrix) from the London military. The five in the astral plane are chess pieces in a fight between the Shadowking and Professor X. If the Shadowking wins, gets their souls and bodies. If Xavier wins, gets the right to kill them humanely. Stories are often best when they involve multiple levels of danger. Combine that with excellent, detailed artwork by Mike Deodato, and it has the setup for solid X-title.


What Missed

Batman #29

Another miss for a potentially great mini-series. The entire issue was Bruce Wayne hosting a dinner party for the Joker and the Riddler. Meanwhile, both of their supervillain cronies sat back, gave the others mean looks, and didn’t partake in the feast. Wayne offered $1 billion to whoever gave the best reason that they should kill Batman. The issue was then ended without furthering the story. This entire issue could have been summed up in about 2-3 pages, but instead was a filler issue.


X-Men: Blue #9 – Secret Wars Tie-In

The X-Men: Blue series has been an expected failure so far with the other-world-kid-original-X-Men who have no personalities and really don’t make sense that they’re still in active comics. Then they added in other-world-kid-wolverine to their team and it all went to shit. There was hope early on that Magneto was scheming to rid the world of these little X-millennials,. But then that somehow went away. Now they’re tying their series into the Secret Wars storyline, with the only thing to really come out of it being Emma Frost brainwashing boy-Scott Summers into becoming her love-slave. He was quickly unbrainwashed by girl-Jean Grey and all was expectedly well. The series is a mess and it needs to end.


Mage: Hero Denied #1

The conclusion to the story first created 33 years by Comico, before the sequel was released by Image in 1997. It has finally being concluded in Mage: Hero Denied. They recently released a #0 teaser issue, which was pretty bad, but the first issue wasn’t as poor, but still not a good read. The story isn’t moved forward at all and very little happens. I get its setting up a further story, but unless you were hooked on the series prior to this, as few were, it’s essentially just another comic with poor dialogue that doesn’t make you want to run out and buy issue #2.

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