Volition #1 Review: AfterShock Delves into the Realm of Artificial Intelligence


AfterShock Comics Sets Up a New Sci-Fi Thriller in Volition #1


Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Omar Francia



AfterShock Comics has become the new must-have publisher when new series are released. Though the science fiction genre is fairly new to them (Relay was released in July), they seem to have a firm grasp on it so far. Volition #1 sets up a whole new sci-fi world for the publisher.


Volition takes place about 100 years in the future, several years after AI robots were invented by a scientist who later went missing. Humans feared these robots and enslaved them before the robots fought back for their rights, which were later granted, but are still oppressed and hated by most humans, drawing many parallels to the civil rights movement.



The likely main character is an artificial intelligence named Amber, who was born to AI’s Mark and Vera a few years prior to the present day of the rest of the issue. I say ‘likely’ because she’s in less than half the issue and there’s little known about her.


Parrott does a good job establishing the universe and setting up storylines that the series will take off of in future issues. Francia is the perfect artist for this series, with an excellent job capturing the characters, their emotions, and the world around them.



The weaknesses of this issue are that it does a poor job of developing the characters with anything more than a brief trading card-bio worth of information. There was also minimal suspense or anything leaving the reader to look forward to the next issue, aside from a robot we barely know potentially being incinerated.


This series will need a strong second issue to see this series maintain a fanbase. AfterShock comics typically start this way, with the first issue being used to setup a long-term series. I’d definitely give Volition a few more issues before I fully judge it, but it has definitely laid a foundation for a quality series.


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