Venom: First Host #1 Review


The first stories of the symbiote are revealed in Venom: First Host #1


WARNING – SPOILERS for Venom: First Host #1 are revealed in the below review!



Fatigued by all the Venom titles released lately? No? Good, then you’ll appreciate the origins story in Venom: First Host #1. This new miniseries delves into the history of hosts prior to Eddie Brock and Peter Parker before him.


The story bounces back and forth between the origins of the symbiote, it’s former hosts and modern-day Venom. The series begins with brief evil alien-Garden of Eden story, though its actual meaning/setting/characters are unknown. The meat of the story takes place during the Kree/Skrull War, where the first shown host, a Kree, sacrifices the symbiote for the good of his people. The symbiote then gets loose and its whereabouts remain unknown until the story returns to present day.


Brock serves as its current host. The first time we see Brock, he is engaged in a very reminiscent grocery story robbery scene from the Venom movie trailer. He then deals with the Alchemax staff. The issue ends with its former host and Skrull engaging in a three-way battle with Venom, likely to battle for its rights. The story leaves the reader with many questions. Who with the symbiote choose as it’s host? Is the Skrull a former host? Will the Kree protect Brock/Venom or attempt to steal it back? What’s up with that Eden scene?



The first issue sets up the miniseries really well. Writer Mike Costa provides a good mix of intriguing new information, suspense, and setting a base for a well-rounded series. He doesn’t try too hard to create edgy events, which are typically only needed when the series is lacking a solid story. Artist Mark Bagley, along with Andrew Hennessy and Dono Sanchez-Almara create really solid, detailed portrayals of the characters. The first scene of the Kree-Venom is slick and needs to be admired. My only complaint is that this is reserved as a miniseries, as I’d prefer to see a 12+ issue series that details its history more in-depth than the five issues we’ll be getting.


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