The Weekend Review – How’d this Weeks New Comic Books Perform?


A review of the what new comic books hit, what missed, what disappointed and what surprised


What Hit

Deathstroke #36 (Mattina Variant)

The Mattina variant surprisingly took off early, selling for $30+ on the secondary market. While it’s not a surprise that it was highly sought after due to it’s beautiful cover, but the fact that it was selling for eight times its cover price for a 1:1 variant, with a popular cover artist. It’s leveled off at around $15 and I expect it to remain at a similar value long term.


Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 (Federici Variant)

This topped out at around $20 an issue and has since fallen to $10-12. Another amazing cover that should maintain its value.


What Missed

Typhoid Fever Spider-Man #1 (Heejin Joen Marvel Battle Lines Variant)

A really solid cover that had some early hype, but never really broke cover price. It’s a cool cover for a forgotten character whose popularity has been resurrected recently. This is still a solid issue to keep for your collection or hang onto in case the character gains transaction.


Superior Octopus #1

Another issue that saw some early hype, but fell off once it released this week. It’s still worth holding onto if already purchased or picking up for cheap to sit on.


What Disappointed

X-Men Black Magneto #1

With a J. Scott Campbell regular cover and X-fans eager for anything of substance, this issue was only moderately successful. It sold a fair number of issues thanks in part to JSC fans, but it was likely over-produced. It also didn’t help that the story was really bad.

Shatterstar #1

There wasn’t as much hype with this issue as many others this week, but between a pair of attractive covers and a character with plenty of 90’s-cult-followers, I would have expected more from it. The story was also disappointing as a filler issue in a mere five-issue miniseries.


Sleepwalker #1

I’m not sure if one of the most boring characters in Marvel’s existence being a bust was a ‘disappointment’, but I figured they’d try harder to make him a more appealing comic headliner, but they didn’t. Even the Infinity Wars tie-in didn’t help. Also, an interesting tweet from Neil Gaiman this week with comparisons to his Sandman series:

What Surprised

Deadpool #5 (Regular Cover)

This Garbage Pale Kids cover is one of the best regular covers released in a while. It was selling at or below cover price prior to NCBD, but has since taken off to around $15-20.


Spawn #290 (Cover B – Tan McFarlane)

All three covers were moderately hot. The Mattina regular and virgin covers saw a lot of success, but this Phillip Tan cover surprisingly saw more success than the others.


Asgardians of the Galaxy #2

The issue itself sold for about as expected. But the story keeps heating up and with a surprise death in a grotesque manner.


Death Orb #1

This was severely overlooked in a busy week, but this is definitely a series worth getting into and ended with an unreal surprise. Check it out if you get a chance.



New Image Comics Series: Blackbird #1, Jook Joint #1, Dead Rabbit #1

All three series suffered from a heavy Big-Two week. Each of these series started off really well with a chance to have some long-term success. Jook Joint is only a five-issue miniseries, but Image has no problem bringing series back if they’re successful.


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