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Hot Comics for October 17, 2018   What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?   Can’t Miss The Source #1 One of the two hottest comics releasing this week is The Source by Scout Comics. Created by Don Handfield, the series is a story about magic, “based on true

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Key Collectors Comics for Avengers 4 Movie   Several of the comic books to target leading up to the Avengers 4 movie With more rumors of the Avengers 4 releasing this past week, we dive into comics you should be collecting leading up to the highly anticipated May 3, 2019

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Most Valuable Modern Age Comics   The following are the most valuable modern age comics to date.   The Walking Dead #1 (October 2003) Avg. Price (9.4) – $1,500   Amazing Spider-Man #678 (2012) Mary Jane as Venom variant Avg. Price: $1,400   Wonder Woman v2 #72 (1993) Classic Sexy

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