Comic Speculator is a Fenton-based virtual comic shop that offers:

– 20% Off Preorder/Pull boxes
– Free delivery to Fenton, MI residents or free local pickup
– $2 delivery to neighboring towns
– Buy, sell, trade your comics
– Lowest prices around
– No subscription fees, contracts, or commitments

How Does it Work?

We will be incorporating a pre-order section to our website, within the next few weeks. Any items, comics, graphic novels, toys, apparel, etc. you can preorder through our site and receive an automatic 20% off your preorder. Regular 1:1 variants are also 20% off for preorders. You can also purchase other new comics as they’re released and back issues through our store page with out the costs of shipping.

If you’re short on money and want to trade your current collection or if you simply want to sell your comics, we offer the best buy-back returns you’ll find.

For more information, contact us at