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Totally Awesome Hulk #22

The first appearance of Weapon H has given Marvel the biggest attention they’ve received in a while. The issue is remaining steady at around $20 and could rise as Weapon X continues with the Weapon H series. This will continue at least through the fall if he becomes a regular in the Marvel Universe. This is securely one of the hot comics of the month.


Weapon X #7

Surprisingly, this issue was selling for around $15 for prerelease and is maintaining the same price a few days after its release. This despite being the second appearance of Weapon H and Weapon H isn’t technically even in it. But that’s how popular the character has become.


Shirtless Bear Fighter #3 1:15 Variant

The most disturbing title to make the list this week. The Burt Reynolds homage cover is going for around $30 on the secondary market, which makes you wonder, who’s spending $30 to see this guys dong?


Batman / The Shadow #5 Mattina Variant

Definitely my favorite variant of the week. While it’s only going for around $10 on the secondary market, I’d easily pay more for this issue.


Daredevil #227

The beginning title to the Born Again story arc spiked in price after the release of the Defenders Netflix series. The series seemed to allude to set up for Daredevil: Season 3 to be based on the Born Again series. Issues 9.0 or higher are now going for over $100. More on this series can be found in our Netflix article.


Generations Unworthy Thor / Mighty Thor 1 Ross 1:50 Connecting Variant

The cover’s just okay, but the rarity + the cool story inside it has the issue going for around $50 on the secondary market.


Punisher Vol 6 #14 (January, 2005)

The recent Punisher trailer presumably revealed the series main villain, Rawlins. This issue is the first appearance of Rawlins and has seen considerable traction, though it’s still going for right around cover price. However, the issues have flown off the eBay shelf so expect the price to spike any day now.


Nightwing the New Order #1 Pope Variant

The 1:1 variant started off cool this week, but has since picked up steam, selling for as much as $10 on the secondary market.




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hot comics

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