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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #11 J. Scott Campbell Cover D

The set of four J. Scott Campbell variants, which featured the pictured cover, sold out in under three minutes after it’s release. The set of four sold on his website for $150 and is now being resold on the secondary market for around $500.


Secret Empire: Omega 1:100 Michael Turner Sketch Variant

This is a great Captain America sketch and a great way to cap off the Secret Empire arc. It’s currently selling for around $75 on the secondary market.


The Realm #1

The newest hot series to kick off by Image Comics. The Realm sold out in stores on the first day and Image is already reprinting the first issue. The first prints and the variants are going between $20-25 on the secondary market.



Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Greg Horn Sexy Virgin Variant

Here’s a great birthday gift idea for your 8-year old daughter. It’s currently selling for around $125 on the secondary market.


Amerikarate #6 Perillo Karate Man Variant

Currently selling for around $12, the mock Punisher variant has been one of the hottest sells for Action Lab.



Supergirl #13 & 14 Artgerm Variants

These Artgerm variants have been great! You’ll have to wait a few weeks for issue #14, but they’re worth picking up.


Sheena #1 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Virgin Variants

Campbell knows how to sell a comic. This virgin variant is going for around $80 on the secondary market.


Walking Dead #171 Lorenzo De Felici Pink Signature Variant

This hidden variant was a great ploy by Image, as most retailers had no idea of it’s rarity prior to new comic book day. It’s currently selling for around $80.



Venomverse #1 Kirkham Stevens Variant Cover D, E Virgin Set

Finally, these virgin variants are going for around $60 for the set and are remarkably beautiful. They’re the few variants for the series so far that are worth picking up.







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