Silver Age Comic Book Errors


Even with all the hard work from the best comic book writers, artists, and editors throughout the years, even the best make mistakes. Below are several comic book errors from the Silver Age.


Amazing Spider-Man #1

We now know him as Peter Parker, but for one scene, Spider-Man was known as Peter Palmer.


Amazing Spider-Man #3

Only three issues in and the title character’s name is already forgotten? This just two issues after messing up his real name.


Action Comics #309

To help Superman protect his secret identity, President John F. Kennedy posses as Clark Kent while Kent does his Superman duties. So what’s wrong with that? The issue was released a week after Kennedy was assassinated. Unfortunately for DC, it was too late to recall the issue before hitting stores.


Tales of Suspense #92

Captain America has never been known as the brightest superheroes around, but in Tales of Suspense #92, he talks some mean trash, but unfortunately its to himself.


Avengers #160

The Grim Reaper managed to pull down his mask with both hands only moments before his metal scythe reappeared.



Action Comics #223 

Maybe less fun than the other errors, this issue of Action was misnumbered as #233 instead of #223.



Incredible Hulk #219

Captain Barracuda may be faking his blinded right eye to look cool with the patch, or maybe he’s only pretending to look into the periscope. Either way, this is an embarrassing moment for him.


Fantastic Four #88

Mr. Fantastic can mold his body parts into anything, even turning his right hand into a second left hand!



X-Men #28

After Jean Grey tossed Beast “pliers”, Hank gives her backhanded, sexist compliment. Whether he was intentionally mocking her or he didn’t know what pliers were to begin with, Beast may want to watch himself.


Savage Sword of Conan #25

If you’re a waitress, you may not want to serve Conan. Here, he calls Murelia a “little hussy” before declaring she turned into a waitress.






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