Series Catch Up Review: Midnight Task Force


Midnight Task Force – A unique cyberpunk detective story


Story by Mark London
Art by Alejandro Giraldo



Independent publishers are becoming the craft beer of the comic book industry. As the big-two continue producing watered down, cookie-cutter storylines, the fresh new publishers are quietly passing them in terms of quality, and readers are beginning to notice. Independent publishers are free to explore new ideas and stories that the big-two will never touch. Looking at the most optioned comic book series optioned for TV and movies over the past few years, they’re coming from the independent market and will soon make up a large sector of Hollywood productions.


Mad Cave Studios is a four-year-old independent comic book publisher out of Miami with the previously released hit series, Battlecats, in addition to the soon to be released, Knights of the Golden Sun. Mark London is the creator of these series. 


The latest Mad Cave Studios publication, Midnight Task Force, is a sci-fi, detective series based in Detroit in the year 2055. The main character, Aidan McCormick, the greatest detective in the city, is tasked with solving a series of brutal murders. Despite his ability to solve the toughest crimes within minutes, McCormick deals with many personal and physical flaws. He suffers from a highly unusual form of schizophrenia that he must hide from others. McCormick is equipped cybernetic arm that replaced his that he lost years earlier in battle, and must live in a world that’s prejudiced against cyborgs. He’s also a high-tempered alcoholic with few friends or allies. These traits are similar to that of Daredevil, Iron Man, and the X-Men, among others who must fight their battles on multiple fronts. Not only must they battle their villains, but they must overcome unavoidable personal and social obstacles.



The primary villain is an unknown serial killer who brutally butchers their victims and removes any form of evidence that would lead to the killer’s identity. Along the way, new villains reveal themselves and add further impediments for McCormick to overcome as he searches for the killer. The story adds unpredictable plot twists that make this series truly inimitable.



Much like Mad Cave Studios other series, Giraldo uses sleek, bright colors in Midnight Task Force, giving it the cyberpunk feel that it needs. Midnight Task Force mixes these bright colors in with heavy dark shading and backgrounds that depict the dreary disposition of the setting as well as McCormick’s bitter, depressed temperaments.


The fourth and final issue of this arc will be released October 3, 2018. McCormick will face off against and reveal the identity of the serial killer, in addition to revealing twists that will only put him further in harms way. Bodies pile up as the dangers intensify.



Mad Cave Studios and London released Battlecats earlier this year. This original, medieval fantasy series centers on, “an elite team of warriors sworn to protect the throne against the forces of evil bent on destroying Valderia’s traditions and ideal.”



Knights of the Golden Sun will be released in November, 2018. Also created by London, this series is a biblical epic and historical fiction comic book.

“Four hundred years separate the Old Testament from the New Testament, and during that time neither man nor angel could hear God’s divine message. In His absence, an age of chaos ensues. With humanity at the wayside, a power struggle erupts. The Fallen, a group of angels banished from Providence for ignoring Father’s message, challenge the Archangels for control of the heavenly throne. What role will humanity play in the deciding of their fate? Who will rule over Providence and all that comes with it? The path to Providence begins in hell…”


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