Review: Cemetery Beach #1 from Image Comics


Warren Ellis returns with his new, original series, Cemetery Beach #1


Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard



Image Comics debuts a new miniseries this week in Cemetery Beach #1. Developed by the creators of the publisher’s his series, Trees, writer Warren Ellis and artist Jason Howard, Cemetery Beach follows an escapee from a “secret off-world colony established a hundred years ago.” The premise combined with Ellis’ unique writing and Howard’s artwork provides for an intriguing new series.


The cover work and the official summary aren’t the flashiest with a first thought of it being another cookie cutter action series. A first glance at the opening pages does little to change this perspective with a stereotypical interrogation room scene. However, Howard paints an appealing scene of a dreary, single hanging lightbulb room. The dialogue is immediately addicting as it strays from the cliché discourse between the interrogator and prisoner, Michael Blackburn. Blackburn displays little concern for his welfare, acting like a lonely puppy receiving attention instead of fearing the end result of the interrogation. Blackburn soon frees himself and escapes with another imprisoned detainee.



The second half of the book flips from the first containing almost entirely action scenes with little dialogue. The action scenes are fun and detailed, illustrating a wordless story, but is also makes for a quick read.


The book ends without really leaving the reader with much to look forward to or involving any real hook to bring the reader back. By the end, the reader has already forgotten the intrigue of the first half, which may lose many from picking up the second issue. There’s also little information of the setting or characters revealed. The story’s official summary provides about the same amount of information on the setting and characters as the first issue does. This does leave some intrigue for future issues to pull the layers back and reveal this fascinating world that’s been built. But wasn’t enough character building to build that relationship to make up for the intrigue in the setting.


This will likely become a really solid story by the time the final issue is released and bring readers back. But I expect this series to pick up in the next issue and be worth giving it another chance to build the setting.

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