Required Comics for Upcoming Marvel Netflix Shows


The first wave of Marvel Netflix shows has wrapped up with the successful Defenders eight-part series last week. The upcoming Punisher stand-alone series will begin the second wave of Marvel Netflix series in November.


So what comics should you pick up to prepare for the upcoming Marvel Netflix shows?


The Punisher: Season 1 – November 2017



A Punisher series wasn’t originally a part of the Netflix plans when they began their plans for the Defenders series and tie-ins leading up to it, but Jon Bernthal’s amazing performance in Daredevil Season 2 and the fans demand for a series twisted Netflix’s hand to produce a stand-alone series. After three failed movies and years of Fox delaying a Punisher series, Netflix likely has another gem in their hands.
While Netflix is being tight-lipped about the storyline, they have released the following synopsis:

Frank Castle is haunted and hunted after the murder of his family and becomes a vigilante known in the criminal underworld as “the Punisher”, who aims to fight crime by any means necessary.

Not really much to go off of. But we do know that Billy Russo (Jigsaw) will be in the series. As will David Lieberman (Micro), and Karen Page, whose a regular character on Daredevil who was empathetic of Castle.


What comics should you pick up for Punisher: Season 1?


Without much known of the series, likely being its own series, here’s a couple that might do well this fall.


The Amazing Spider-Man #162 (November 1976)
First Appearance of Jigsaw


Punisher Vol 2 #4 (November, 1987)
First Appearance of Micro


Jessica Jones: Season 2 – Likely April 2018


Not much is known of Jessica Jones season two storyline. David Tennant will be back as Kilgrave (the Purple Man), who was killed in season 1. Trish Walker AKA likely-not-Hellcat will be back, though she’ll probably still be nothing more than just a radio host. While not confirmed, I’d expect to see police Sergeant Will Simpson (Nuke) to return, if for nothing else, than to setup for a role in Daredevil Season 3 (See below).


Recently cast Leah Gibson as series regular Ingrid, is speculated by many to become the Daredevil villain, Typhoid Mary. Though her given name is Mary Walker, not Ingrid, many believe it’s a cover for the character. In fact, her first comic book appearance has nearly doubled since being cast a few weeks past. Typhoid Mary is a mutant who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, with three other identities who go by Typhoid, Mary, and Bloody Mary. She has some powers such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, psionic hypnosis, which would replace last season’s villain adequately.


What comics should you pick up for Jessica Jones: Season 2?


Daredevil #254
First Appearance of Typhoid Mary


Alias #1 (November 2001)
First Appearance of Jessica Jones


Luke Cage: Season 2 – Likely August 2018

With no storyline projected yet, there are several things we can project for Season 2. The first is likely Misty Knight and her new bionic arm, which was set up to match her comic book character at the end of the Defenders. Claire will be back as Luke’s girlfriend. Mariah Dillard and Shades will be back as well after going into hiding after last season.

New this season will be two villains, John McIver (Bushmaster) and Tilda Johnson (Nightshade). Bushmaster, a powerful crime boss, is best known for his role when he kidnapped Claire, and threatened to kill her if Luke didn’t bring him Misty. He also offered him videotapes that would prove his innocence for the crimes that he was initially framed for. Luke ended up fighting Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Iron Fist, and was defeated. So whether or not Iron Fist and Colleen Wing will make an appearance in Luke’s season has yet to be determined. Outside of Luke appearing in a few episodes of Jessica Jones, the four main characters don’t really cross paths in their solo series’.

Nightshade meanwhile is best known as a scientist who bred an army of werewolves and robots. She’ll also be appearing in the upcoming Black Panther movie.


What comics should you pick up for Luke Cage: Season 2?


Iron Fist #15 (September 1977)
First Appearance of Bushmaster


Power Man #48-49
Bushmaster Storyline


Captain America #164 (Aug 1973)
First Appearance of Nightshade


Daredevil: Season 3 – Likely November 2018


Most are anticipating a Born Again storyline for Daredevil: Season 3 after the ending of the Defenders. Matt Murdock, expected dead from the collapse of a building on top of him, wakes up in nunnery hospital bed and we hear one nun say “Get Maggie.” Sister Maggie ~~SPOILER~~ is Matt’s mom, who first appears in the Born Again series, leading many to the Born Again series conclusion.

In the Born Again series, Karen Page becomes a heroin addict and she began stripping for cash. Still unable to afford to pay for her addiction, she sells the information that Matt Murdock is Daredevil for a shot of heroin, which is then to the Kingpin. The Kingpin then uses his influence to make Matt’s life hell over the following several months. He even hires Will Simpson (Nuke) to defeat Daredevil. This storyline could be the reason behind randomly bringing the character into the Marvel Netflix universe, adding him to Jessica Jones’ series to not overcrowd the Daredevil character list.

You would also have to think that something happens to Karen in the Punisher series to turn her into a heroin addict, as she was clean when we last saw her in the Defenders and in the comic series, she became a heroin addict as a product from her failed acting career (in the show she’s a journalist despite having no prior experience or background in it).


What comics should you pick up for Daredevil: Season 3?


Daredevil #227–233
Born Again Series and Follow-up Story Arc


Daredevil #297–300
“Last Rites” Story Arc – a Sequel to the Born Again Series


Iron Fist: Season 2 – Likely April 2019

The Defenders series wrapped up Iron Fist’s Season 1 storyline, leaving Season 2 as a bit of a question mark. We’ll likely see his sweet, classic, green and yellow costume instead of his buttoned-down shirt and white tennis shoes. More importantly, Marvel has confirmed that Misty Knight will appear in this season as well, bringing her together with Colleen Wing, who form the infamous Daughters of the Dragon team. Since this is Iron Fist’s season, I’d expect them to not truly bond until the last few episodes and potentially get a spinoff series of their own. But that’s about all we know so far.


What comics should you pick up for Iron Fist: Season 2?


Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32 (January 1977)
First Appearance of Daughters of the Dragon


Marvel Team-Up #64 (December 1977)
First Appearance of Daughters of the Dragon as a Team







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