Preview of Marvel Comics November 2018 Solicitations


X-Men, Marvel Knights Lead a Jammed-Packed Month Based on Marvel Comics November Solicitations


With the release of Marvel Comics November 2018 solicitations, fans will have plenty of options to choose from, from new releases, rebirths of popular titles, and game-changing revelations. Below we highlight several things that stood out from these solicitations.


The Return of Uncanny X-Men


Fans have been clamoring for it since its end last year. They replaced it with several color-coded series, each geared towards different readers. Now the Uncanny title returns with many of the writers and artists who’ve held down the X-fort this past year+ with a 10-part weekly series that follows up the events of Extermination and X-Men: Black. The series will feature recently resurrected Jean Grey, with the soon-to-be-resurrected Wolverine and his new fire-claws. And don’t be surprised to see a resurrected Professor X and/or Cyclops to join the rest of the original X-Men.


The first issue will be a 72-page, $8 issue. So, they’re putting a lot into this return. And looking for variants? Yeah, there’ll be a few…


Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary Celebration


Marvel Knights will be the latest formerly successful series to return to Marvel this year. And of course, Donny Cates (Venom, Thanos, Cosmic Ghost Rider, … every other title Marvel cares about) will head up this series as the “showrunner” and will write the first issue. Matthew Rosenberg will take the lead writing spot with issue #2. Rosenberg is also spearheading the Uncanny X-Men return, which makes you wonder how many writers are left at Marvel not named Cates, Rosenberg or Brisson.


The original gritty series was excellent and the cast of characters in this series, along with their writers and artists should lead to a successful miniseries worth giving a pick up.


Key Avengers Issue with Important Revelations Revealed


Avengers #10 (#700), a key issue that will not be another lame flashback key issue. There’re many important events packed into this 64-page book will include:

• “Namor’s fearsome new Defenders of the Deep and the reimagined Russian Super-Soldiers of the Winter Guard
• The shocking surprise the U.S. government has in store for our heroes
• The all-new Agents of Wakanda!
• The mystery of the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC deepens
• A key revelation concerning the resurrection of Wolverine
• And the next startling new Avenger is revealed”


If none of these appeal to you and make you want to pick this up, then you’re probably not a big enough Marvel fan to even be reading this article.


Ironheart gets Her Own Series


Not a big surprise here as one of the most popular new characters from the past few years has been rumored lately to also be getting her own MCU movie.


To take over the series is award-winning poet, Eve Ewing, who’ll pen her first comic book with Ironheart #1. It’s always interesting interesting to see non-comic book writers take over a comic series and who better to take over this series than an African-American female from Chicago (sound familiar) who’s also a big comic book fan? Check out the thread below for a twitter conversation Ewing had a year ago about potentially writing Riri:



One question about how invested Marvel is in this series is that the villain in the first issue is “one of Spider-Man’s old foes”. You’d think they’d want to give Riri her own villains instead of one of Spider-Man’s sloppy seconds.


Also of note, the above Stephanie Hans variant is brilliant!


The Death of Logan … Again


Remember how Marvel spent six months leading up to the death of Logan a couple of years ago and then quickly replaced him with Old Man Logan, in addition to a half dozen other almost-Wolverine’s? Yeah, well now we get 12 issues of the latest series, Dead Man Logan, which will kill off Wolverine’s replacement as the original Wolverine returns from the dead. Wash – rinse – repeat. It’ll likely be a quality series, but the premise is one that frustrates so many comic book fans, especially dragging it out over 12 issues.


Carnage Resurrected


What do you do when you spent the last few years developing dozens of Venom-related series until you run out of ideas? Bring in Venom’s biggest rival, Carnage.

This one-shot – Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1 – will be written by none other than Donny Cates as they bring Carnage back to life. It’ll likely be a cool issue, but again, making a special event centered around killing/resurrecting a popular character is what frustrates readers.


More on the return of Carnage can be found here.


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