Preview of DC Comics November 2018 Solicitations


DC Comics November Solicitations include the Launch of Several New Series


The November 2018 solicitations are out and they include several highly anticipated series, interesting developments of current runs, and a few surprises mixed in. Below are a few of the important features learned from the DC Comics November Solicitations.



An Important Aquaman-Centered Event

It should come as a surprise to no one that DC is centering on the Aquaman-universe this month with the anticipated release of the Aquaman movie that’s released December 14. DC needs this movie to succeed and will aid it in anyway possible. I’m curious to see the January solicitations, which will indicate how well the DCEU truly believes the movie will do. December will likely have a movie companion issue or two. If they expect the movie to be a success, they will likely create several events, miniseries, and crossover events to play off the success of the movie. If they expect the movie to flop, they’ll scrap those plans and continue with the Aquaman series as usual.


The November Aquaman event, titled Drowned Earth, co-stars Wonder Woman, which is no surprise due to her movie success, and features the movie’s important characters, Mera and Black Manta, as well as DC’s three other biggest characters – Batman, Superman and the Flash. This event is clearly an important support the turnout of the movie. And with The Flash beginning to film in early 2019, DC will be monitoring the positive and negative reviews to get their movie-world on track.


DC Universe Gets a Futuristic, Sci-Fi Storyline


A brand-new setting, era, and cast of characters are explored in Electric Warriors #1. DC is continually working to bring new characters to its universe other than their well-known superheroes.


Electric Warriors features a new team of futuristic heroes in an unstable setting which sounds truly intriguing. And to tie the storyline to the modern universe, the team leader somehow has Superman’s cape.


Whether or not this series is a success, it shows where DC is looking to expand it’s universe.


A New Green Lantern Series with a Familiar Writer


DC’s newest Green Lantern series will be headed by one of DC’s all-time best writers, Grant Morrison. This comes as no surprise as the DCEU is working hard to land a big named actor for a future Green Lantern film. So, what better way to lay the foundation for a successful future Green Lantern movie than bringing in one of the most successful comic writers in the industry to take over the new series. Expect big things from this series, with newsworthy events and a push for readers to pick up this series.


A Death to a Key Character?


The new DC event, Heroes in Crisis, written by Tom King, has been rumored to feature a death to a key (but one that they can sacrifice losing) character. King featured Booster Gold in recent Batman issues, highlighting his importance in the DC world. This buildup is likely to increase the response to the death of the character. This cover also is clearly teasing the death of Carter.


New Shazam! Series is More than just a Movie Supplement


At first glance, you’d think the first new monthly series for the character coming about only a few months before the anticipated movie release is a sales gimmick or supplement to the film. But with former Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns taking the lead, there’s substance behind the series. You don’t waste a writer like Johns’ time for a gimmick. Expect this series to last a minimum of 10 months, roughly around the time of the movie can expect to be released to video.


Batman: Damned Looks Damned Awesome


There’s no real revelation here. I think we all agreed to this when we saw the preview of the first issue that will be released in October. But the premise, cast of characters and this awesome cover art for Batman: Damned #2 is amazing.


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