Pearl #1 Review: Bendis and Gaydos Develop DC’s Next Big Hit


An Artist and Assassin Emerge from Pearl #1


Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos
A Jinxworld Title


From the co-creators of Marvel’s character Jessica Jones, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos join forces once more for DC Comics Jinxworld title, Pearl #1.



DC takes a step back from cape-wielding superheroes, replacing them with tattoo artists and Yakuza gang members in their newest crime comic geared towards a mature audience. The series focuses on a young, talented tattoo artist named Pearl who lives a life of danger, which is revealed early in the issue when in a local food court is shot up by bikers when she returns fire against them.


While the first issue is short on suspense, Bendis sets up countless mysteries for the reader to uncover over the next several issues. Pearl’s background along with the setting and cast of characters begins to establish itself, though are only briefly brushed with information that will be explained over the course of the series. The dialogue between characters strengthens the development of the character’s bio.


The greatest appeal of the issue is Gaydos’ detailed sketches within backgrounds that effectively captures the dusky and perilous world of Pearl.



Many comparisons will be made between Pearl with Bendis past work with Atlas/Jessica Jones and Scarlet. Each feature strong female protagonists in a gloomy, furtive setting. However, Pearl establishes her own identity without baring any resemblance to these successful characters.


Bendis’ has quickly established himself as an asset to DC Comics since making switch after two decades reshaping Marvel’s comic line. Pearl comes off of Bendis’ six-issue miniseries, Man of Steel, which was met with rave reviews from fans and critics alike. He debuted with DC taking over Action Comics with issue #1000 and has also taken over as lead of the latest Superman series.


Despite a slow start, there’s plenty to be hopeful for with the upcoming series. A well-developed plot, characters and mystery establish the base for a successful run.


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