Key Collectors Comics for Avengers 4 Movie


Several of the comic books to target leading up to the Avengers 4 movie

With more rumors of the Avengers 4 releasing this past week, we dive into comics you should be collecting leading up to the highly anticipated May 3, 2019 release. Aside from what we’ve seen in the first film with the addition of Captain Marvel, the rest is all speculation with a mix of credible rumors.


What We Know

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will be a key character in the upcoming film. Her first film will be released March 8, 2019 which takes place roughly 20-25 years prior to Infinity War. 

Marvel Superheroes #13

Carol Danvers first appearance and Captain Mar-Vell’s second appearance.


Captain Marvel #18

The origins of how Carol Danvers got her super powers.


Ms. Marvel #1

Maybe the most iconic Danvers’ cover is also her 1st appearance as Ms. Marvel.


Ms. Marvel #20

Danvers first look in her new costume.


Avengers #183

Ms. Marvel joins The Avengers


Avengers #200

Arguably the most controversial issue in Marvel’s history as Danvers is raped and impregnated, and is then celebrated…


The Uncanny X-Men #164

Carol Danvers becomes Binary. This is key to the film as the trailer recently released showed brief footage that many believe she obtains her Binary powers. This is more of a key for the Captain Marvel film, but still relevant.


Ms. Marvel #1 Vol. 2

A new series and a great cover.


Avenging Spider-Man #9

Captain Marvel’s first appearance in her new costume.


Captain Marvel #1 Vol. 7 Granov Variant

This Captain Marvel #1B Granov variant cover is extremely hot on the secondary market.


Captain Marvel #13

The first appearance of her iconic mohawk, which was also seen in the recent trailer.


Captain Marvel #14

Another issue that won’t affect the movies, but it is the first appearance Kamala Khan, which is a key issue.


Captain Marvel #1 (Adam Hughes 1:25 Variant)

Another variant that’s going for several hundred dollars and is one of the most popular Captain Marvel variants on the market.


Ms. Marvel #39 Dark Reign Deodato Cover 

Simply a badass cover that every fan should own.


Likely, But Not Confirmed


The strongest rumor that hasn’t been debunked is that the movie script will be based on the Dark Avengers storyline. A script probably won’t have a massive affect on the price of the comics, but depending on the adaption of specific events, there could be a noticeable rise. Most of these are simply top selling and hot covers. 


Dark Avengers #1 Adi Granov 1:50 Incentive Variant


Dark Avengers #1 Midtown NYCC 2009 Granov Variant

This is still selling on Midtown’s website for just under $12 and selling on eBay for 3-5 times above that price.


Dark Avengers #1 Marko Djurdjevic 1:20 Iron Patriot Variant 


Dark Avengers #1 2nd Print Variant

The second and third printing variants have a $25-40 value to them right now. They’re nothing special, but they’re in demand.


Dark Avengers #2 Mike Choi Variant

An awesome Ms. Marvel cover that’s worth it’s price for your PC alone.


Dark Avengers #4 1:15 Venom Variant


Movie Title

The biggest question has been the movie’s title. There’ve been conflicting reports this weekend over whether Mark Ruffalo leaked the title as Annihilation or Last Avenger. Many, myself included, have expected Annihilation to be this title, or at least a title in the near future for the series. But there’s been a lot of smoke come from the Last Avenger title.


Last Avengers Story #1

A two-issue mini-series released in 1995. There could be some parallels from the book to the movie, but if used, the title will be more likely used because it fits the movie.


Annihilation: Nova #1

It’s a bit of a surprise that we still haven’t seen Richard Rider in the MCU yet, but it would make all the sense in the world to include him in upcoming films. The Nova Corps have already played a significant role in the GotG, and the man with the worst name in comics history, Richard Rider, could soon follow.


Annihilation #4

Such a badass cover of Drax facing off against Thanos.


Annihilation: Ronan #1

Ronan will make an appearance in the Captain Marvel movie and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him involved in future movies as well.


Annihilation: Conquest #6

The first appearance of the modern day Guardians of the Galaxy.


Annihilation Conquest Starlord #1

A solid miniseries that features many of the modern day GOTG members coming together for the first time.


Annihilation Conquest Starlord #2

This is just a cool-ass cover.


Nova #6

My personal favorite cover of the Annihilation run.



New Avengers #11

The first appearance of Clint Barton’s Ronin. Many have speculated Ronin would make an appearance in Infinity War and even more has come for the sequel since.


Very Speculative

Chris Evans all but confirmed this will be his last role as Captain America. People began speculating if he would be replaced as Captain America by another character, with the two leading candidates being Bucky, who still has many movies left on his contract and a similar backstory as Rogers, or Sam Wilson who was the most recent replacement for him in the comics. Both characters have reasons for and against why’d they’d likely take over the role. I personally don’t think they need another Captain America based on the upcoming movies expected to take place in outer space. Bucky could fill his post-Original Sin role, or even as the leader of the Thunderbolts. I also don’t think Mackie has had near enough screen time for the MCU to consider using him to fill that role.


Captain America Vol 5 #34

Bucky becomes Captain America


Captain America Vol 7 #25

Sam Wilson becomes Captain America



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