Infinity Wars #2 Review: Are We Headed Down a Familiar Road?


Gamora Turns Up the Heat in Infinity Wars #2





Marvel has successfully milked all that it can from the MCU Avengers: Infinity War movie in the latest Infinity saga dating back to early March with the series prologue, Infinity Countdown #1 and will continue through the end of the year with multiple tie-ins to go with the six-part Infinity Wars series (despite the fact Marvel declared last year they’d cut back on their haughty events). The ten-month, 41-issue event has received relatively positive feedback from readers, including the first issue in the series that saw several game changers, a well-structured plotline, and a strong cast of characters (even if several are only there to add value to the lineup).


Infinity Wars #2 begins to unravel in usual Marvel-event fashion. The first issue ended with Requiem/Gamora killing Star Lord with the Power Stone-enhanced sword that she killed Thanos with. In predictable fashion, Star Lord is immediately brought back to life thanks to Dr. Strange and the Time Stone.


The same battle that began in #1 continues through nearly the entire second issue. Dr. Strange hoodwinks Turk into giving up the mind stone and then possesses two of the stones. What can go wrong?


Gamora takes it up a notch and slaughters many of the stone protectors while gathering the other stones. This might mean more to the reader if we didn’t already know they’d be brought back to life immediately in the next issue.



Artist Mike Deodato, Jr. and color artist Frank Martin combine to accurately depict the intensity of the scenes. The butchering of the fallen characters is beautifully depicted with the pain and fear etched into their dying expressions.


The issue itself is just fine as a bridge comic. The series was set up nicely with a strong plotline and cast of characters. However, anyone who’s read Marvel comics can likely predict much of what’s going to happen in the next four months of the series. They will need to prove themselves in issue #3 as well as the preceding Iron Hammer and Soldier Supreme tie-ins thereafter to maintain the readers trust that they’re reading something unique and not from Marvel’s cookie cutter storylines.



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