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Mister Miracle #1
Mister Miracle sold out of comic book stores on Wednesday. What looked to be likely another lame DC, non-Rebirth storyline, Mister Miracle was an instant hit. The comics sold for ~$20 on the secondary market by Friday, but has since dropped to ~$15. I’d expect it to fall a bit more but bottom out around $10. The variant cover is also hovering around $15. If you were looking to pick up the first print, I’d hold off a week or two. Based on the eBay stores of most people selling the issue, it’s clear this issue sold out by non-comic book fans.


Redlands #1
Another great new series put out by Image. A group of demonic witches takes over a small town run by racist cops. The artwork and storyline were great and setup the questions of whose safe in the town, why are they there, and who’ll stop them?

The issues sold out quickly in comic shops by Thursday, but the price is holding steady at cover price on the secondary market.



Toyetica #1
A surprise addition to the list. Toyetica benefits from a low production new series that had a great response from its initial buyers. It sold out soon after that. It’s selling on the secondary market at around ~$10, but I expect the price to fall to around $5 within the next few weeks.


Best Reads


Unholy Grail #2
The second issue of Aftershock’s newest comic continues to hit as the demonic King Arthur is raised by the sorcerer Merlin. Camelot is being built in his honor by his loyal followers who know little of his secrets. This series is an instant classic on the twisted Arthurian tale.


Low #19
One of the series biggest story arcs took place, which has felt like it was running in slow motion for a while. If you’re caught up on the series, you’ll enjoy this as one of the first issues that ended on a positive note.


Sacred Creatures #2
The first issue introduced us to a mysterious family, while setting up countless questions as to their existence. The second issue began to wrap up what happened the night Josh killed the angel and who the family is.



Flash #28
This is Flash’s version of when Spider-Man bonded with the symbiote. Flash has new powers that he can’t control and also has to deal with a new snippy attitude. At one point, when his coworker Forrest told him his shoes were untied, Allen was all like, “Can this wait?” That’s pretty uncalled for.


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