Hot Comics for September 5, 2018


What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


Can’t Miss


Day 165: One-Shot (Source Point Press)


Source Point Press has quickly made their presence known in the comic industry who feature two new sold out titles this week. Day 165 is a story that centers on the horrors of war from a different perspective then you’re used to. If your LCS is lame and doesn’t carry SPP, they still have a few remaining in their online store as of today.


Border Town #1 (DC)

This series could hit or miss and has a lot of intrigue leading up to its release. DC’s has pushed hard for non-superhero comics to stick lately, but this one may have some traction to it.


Bully Wars #1 (Image)

While this won’t be Image’s next The Walking Dead or Saga, this series will likely be a successful run due to a strong premise, mixed with dark humor and a high-level creative team with writer (Skottie Young) and artist (Aaron Conley) manning the helm.


Thanos Legacy #1 (Marvel)

Thanos is expectedly hot this year despite his recent decapitation. This new series, written by Marvel’s only writer, Donny Cates, will connect Cates Thanos Wins series to the latest Infinity arc. This series is hot leading up to the release and many of its variants are in hot demand.


Must Read


Sandman Universe; Dreaming #1 (DC)

The infamous Sandman series gets a refreshing reboot with four spinoff series and a brand-new creative team. The kickoff issue set up a solid storyline and should be the start of a very good run.

If you missed The Sandman Universe #1, catch up here with a review of the issue.


Family Graves #1 (Source Point Press)

Another new Source Point Press series released this week features a monster-mashup family that is worth checking out.


Asgardians of the Galaxy #1 (Marvel)

The new Cullen Bunn new series features an awesome roster of characters led by former Spawn costar (and another Neil Gaiman revival this week) Angela, as well as breakout stars from the Thor: Ragnarok movie, Valkyrie and Skurge the Executioner. This will likely be a solid story, though probably won’t hold any long-term value.


United States vs Murder Inc. #1 (DC)

Writer Brian Michael Bendis releases two new, non-superhero series this week. The first, United States vs Murder Inc., is a new tale from Bendis’ original, award-winning series, United States of Murder Inc.

Solar Flare Season 3 #1 (Scout)

The third installment of the indie hit series, Solar Flare, begins a new arc. This is a great title that readers should get on board with.


Blazing Covers

Deathstroke #35 (Mattina Variant)

Avengers #7

Captain America #3

Walking Dead #183 (Cover B – Sienkiewicz)

Harley Quinn #49 (Cho Variant)

Justice League #7 (Jim Lee Pencil Variant)

Green Arrow #44 (Andrews Variant)

Could be Cool

Cover #1

Bendis’ other new series has some potential, but it’s description is rather vague and there hasn’t been a ton of buzz to it. DC has marketed this more on the creators, Bendis and David Mack, than the series itself which draws some flags. But it does look solid enough to give it a chance.

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