Hot Comics for September 26, 2018

What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


Can’t Miss

Justice League Dark #3

This sold out quickly because of the first appearance of the new villain ‘Upside Down’. This looks to have long term potential.


Spider-Geddon #0

Another new Spider-Man will be introduced. This one has a slightly different suit. Oooh. But, first appearances are the best bet for comic prices to trend upwards.


Domino Annual #1

A first appearance to a new character, RejeX.


Must Read

Action Comics #1003

Rumors of a first appearance in this issue.


Doomsday Clock #7

The matchup we’ve all been waiting for, Superman vs Dr. Manhattan.


Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1

The Infinity Wars tie-in features another new mashup, this time with Iron Man and Thor. Last week’s Soldier Surpreme was really good featuring a mashup of Captain America and Dr. Strange.


Justice League Odyssey #1

A new team made up of Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Azrael set out into outer space to take on Darkseid.


Blazing Covers

Heroes in Crisis #1 – (Francesco Mattina Harley Quinn Cover)


Batgirl #27 (Middleton Variant)


Could be Cool

Man-Eaters #1 (Image Comics)

Created by Chelsea Cain, this ongoing series promises “Part Cat People, part The Handmaid’s Tale, MAN-EATERS will have everyone talking.” There’s a lot of red-flags in that description (comparison to popular titles, “…have everyone talking”). But it looks like it could have potential.


Friendo #1

I love the premise of this new series which has potential to be special.


Stranger Things #1

Movies/TV shows turned into comics typically don’t translate, but if you’re a Stranger Things fan, this is a series for you.

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