Hot Comics for October 3, 2018


What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


This is one of those weeks you’ll likely walk out of your LCS spending way more than you expected. There’s a lot of really good A-/B+ series and awesome covers. Image Comics has four new series, IDW has three and AfterShock and Dark Horse each with a new series, which all may get overlooked as the Big-Two are heavy with must-haves.


Can’t Miss

Typhoid Fever Spider-Man #1

This new series could fall into any of these categories. The book sold out quickly and this Heejin Joen Marvel Battle Lines Variant is BLAZING.


Dead Rabbit #1

It’s not unusual for a new Image series to sell out as this did, but the series, created by writer Gerry Duggan and artist John McCrea looks fantastic.


Deathstroke #36

This book will likely sell out quickly as the story begins a new arc. Both the Kirkham regular cover and the Mattina Arkham variant are amazing.


Must Read

Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1

The first of a five-part weekly series by James Tynion is a definite must read this week. And this Federici variant is brilliant!


Nightwing #50

A new arc for the series hitting the half-century mark sold out online. I’m digging this Meyers variant too.


Death Orb #1

The description sounds phenomenal, one that, if the series is successful early-on, may be optioned.


Superior Octopus #1

A Spider-Geddon tie-in will likely be more than a gimmick. Both the regular cover and the Sujin Jo Marvel Battle Lines variant are solid.


Last Siege #5

Last Siege hasn’t received a ton of buzz but it’s been a really well written series and worth catching up on if you’re into medieval/battle-type stories.


X-Men Black Magneto #1

The newest X-Series kicks off with the Black/villains titles starting with Magneto. The infamous X-Writer Chris Claremont takes the helm and J. Scott Campbell takes over the regular cover.

Shatterstar #1

One of the better Marvel characters from the 90’s is getting his own five-part miniseries. Both the regular Yasmine Putri cover and the Rob Liefeld variant are keepers.


Asgardians of the Galaxy #2

The first book was really good and worth catching up on if you haven’t already.


Blazing Covers

Most of the best covers were found in other categories but here’s a few more.


Justice League #9 (Jim Lee Pencil Variant Cover)


Deadpool #5


Batman #56 (Mattina Variant)


Tony Stark Iron Man #4 (Nakayama Cosmic Ghost Rider Variant)


Could be Cool

Batman The MAXX Arkham Dreams #1

This is definitely worth checking out if you’re a Maxx fan. Sam Kieth takes over his creation as he teams with Batman in this five-part crossover.


Barack Panther #1

This looks like a gimmick series using the former president with the most popular movie of 2018. However, it’s sold out and may have some long-term stability.


Blackbird #1

I like the creators, Sam Humphries, Jen Bartel, but the premise doesn’t really move the needle. It’ll be worth a look.


Errand Boys #1

Meh. It looks okay. It’s a new Image series so it may be worth reading.


Jook Joint #1

A New Orleans-based horror story from the 1950’s has potential to be really solid. I’ll definitely give it a read.


Lollipop Kids #1

This looks like it may have potential with a similar concept to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.


Sleepwalker #1

An Infinity Wars tie-in features one of the most boring Marvel characters ever.


What If Spider-Man #1

I’m glad to see the ‘What If…?” series back, but this premise, ‘What if Peter Parker wasn’t the one bitten by the radioactive spider?’ Eh, don’t we already have a dozen or so other Spider-Men/Women that this question answers already?


What If? X-Men #1

I read the description nearly a dozen times and I can’t tell you what this story is about. The cover’s cool and I’ll check it out, but I’m not holding out hope for it to be much.

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