Hot Comics for October 24, 2018


What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


Can’t Miss

Moon Knight #200

This anniversary issue has several really good covers. I love the Finch cover, but the Tan cover is trending around $40.


Must Read

Old Lady Harley #1

There’s a bit of hype for this series. I’ll believe it’s more than just a gimmick until I read it, but it’s probably worth a pick up.


Dead Kings #1

AfterShock’s new series looks like one to definitely give a chance to.


Spider-Gwen a.k.a. Ghost Spider #1

A new series on a fan favorite. It’s trending around cover price, but I can totally see Sony giving her a solo movie series in the next five years and maybe this heats up. The Artgerm cover and Sujin Jo Kim Marvel Battle Lines Variant are both great covers.


Infinity Wars: ArachKnight #1

The fourth Infinity Warps mashup tie-in looks hot. The previous three have all been great and you gotta love a Spider-Man/Moon Knight mashup.


Blazing Covers

Batgirl #28 (Middleton Variant)


Lady Death Pin Ups #1


X-Men Red #9 (Maxx Lim Marvel Battle Lines Variant)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Macroseries Michelangelo (Cover A – Petersen)


Wonder Woman #57 (Frison Variant)


Revenge of Wonderland #4 (of 6) (Cover C – Mos)


X-Men Black Juggernaut #1 (Cover C J. Scott Campbell Virgin Variant)


Could be Cool

Spider-Girls #1


The Whispering Dark #1


Black Panther vs Deadpool #1 (of 5)


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