Hot Comics for October 17, 2018


What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


Can’t Miss

The Source #1

One of the two hottest comics releasing this week is The Source by Scout Comics. Created by Don Handfield, the series is a story about magic, “based on true history, real legends, and actual folklore and myths.” It sounds worth picking up for the read and is already selling on the secondary market for more than three times its cover price.


Ogre #1

The other big release this week is Ogre #1 by Source Point Press. SPP has some of the best writers and artists in the industry, and creators Bob Salley and Shawn Daley look to have another winner on their hands. This is selling for well above cover price and looks like a keeper for readers and collectors.


Marvel Zombie #1

Marvel’s bringing zombies back to their rotating. This sounds like a gimmick on the surface, but the premise sounds promising, they brought on Ice Cream Man writer W. Maxwell Prince to create the series, and distributors sold out on this days ago.


Must Read

Venom Annual #1

Donny Cates leads a list of “surprise guests” who’ve come together to create Venom’s first ever annual issue. This Bill Sienkiewicz variant is beautiful. This borders on a must have, but there’ll be an overload on the number of issues ordered.


Lucifer #1

The newest Sandman spinoff gives Lucifer his own series. These spinoffs have been impressive so far and I like the direction they’re going with this one.


Infinity Wars Weapon Hex #1 (of 2)

These Infinity Warps tie-ins have been great so far. X-23 and the Scarlet Witch lead this miniseries and looks to be another fun read.


Blazing Covers

What If? Ghost Rider #1


Batman #57 (Mattina Variant)


Life of Captain Marvel #4 (of 5)


Justice League #10 (Cover C Jim Lee Pencils Only Variant)


Teen Titans #23 (Garner Variant)


Could be Cool

Cemetery Beach #2 (of 7)

The first issue was met with mixed feelings. Warren Ellis’ new series definitely has promise to be good, but the second issue will be telling if the series is a hit, or just another solid series.


Shuri #1

Coming off the character’s popularity from the Black Panther movie, it’ll be interesting to see if this series is cheap gimmick, or series to invest your time and money in. The first two sentences in the comic’s description make it clear they want you to buy it because of the popularity of the movie (which is usually a red flag), but they brought in a pair of quality creators in Nnedi Okorafor and Leonardo Romero.


Captain Ginger #1

This looks kind of dumb, but it’s been met with some positive early reviews.


X-Men: Black – Mystique #1

Ack! The first couple of X-Men: Black issues have been unreadable. But they have J Scott Campbell on the covers so it’s maybe worth a pick up.



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