Hot Comics for November 21, 2018

What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?

It’s a holiday week, so there’s not as great of quantity as other weeks, but there’s still a lot to like. There’s really good new series’, hot covers and a few with good flipping potential.

What’s Hot?

Middlewest #1

Skottie Young’s new series is definitely my pick of the week. All three covers are equally really good. This may not have short term value, but it would not surprise me to see this being optioned within a year or two.


Conspiracy #1

Zenescope’s new series isn’t your typical loosely-clad series from the publisher. The description sounds promising and is sold out. Pick up this Marc Rosete variant if you can.


Web of Venom Carnage Born #1

Donny Cates + Venom + Carnage = Guaranteed hit. This will be a high print run so the flip won’t be great, but it’s a definite must have for your PC and a must read.


Must Read

Infinity Wars Ghost Panther #1

I’m salivating over the latest Infinity Wars mash-up, which have all exceeded my expectations so far. All three covers are hot, though the regular Ramos cover might be the best.


Tony Stark Iron Man #6

This has been a great series so far and this issue features Arsenal “back in an all-new way.” If that doesn’t sell you on it, this cover should. The Warhammer Jong Ju Kim Marvel Battle Lines variant is also a keeper.


American Carnage #1

Many of the non-superhero DC and Vertigo series have been swings and misses, but American Carnage has potential to break the mold. But the concept of Disgraced FBI agent infiltrating white supremacy group to investigate an FBI agent’s death sounds like a hit and worth a first read.


Blazing Covers

Batman #59 (Mattina Variant)

Marvel Knights 20th #2 Jae Lee Variant

Aquaman #42 (Oliver Variant)

Justice League #12 (Aquaman Movie Variant)

Spider-Geddon #4 (of 5) (in Hyuk Lee Connecting Variant)

Nightwing #53 (Pantalena Variant)

Could be Cool

Teen Titans #24

More information is revealed regarding the new villain known as “The Other”.

Rick & Morty Presents Pickle Rick #1

Rick & Morty fans are loyal and will be all over this new series.

Archie #700

I don’t know who still reads Archie, but it’s reached a milestone issue which is noteworthy.

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