Hot Comics for November 14, 2018

What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?

What’s Hot?

Avengers #700

The milestone issue introduces a first appearance of a new Red Widow. The original Red Widow first appeared in Mockingbird #1 (2015).


Wonder Woman #58

The new arc is sold out with the return of bestselling writer, G. Willow Wilson. And no surprise, the Frision variant is amazing. 


Daredevil #611

The sold-out issue of the end of the Charles Soule Daredevil era introduces a new villain.


Must Read

Venom #8

Venom #8 begins a mysterious Marvel event for next summer. My guess, it’s some form of spinoff of a previous Marvel event, or a Spider-geddon-type event. Either way, if you have any interest in next year’s event, begin here.


Uncanny X-Men #1

Marvel’s restarting the X-series once more. While the roster is just meh, there’s a lot of optimism for a return to prominence with this series. There’s your usual 400 variants for this issue, so you’ll have your pick of the best. My favorite is the Finch variant.


The Black Order #1

This series is sold out and a second print is already going to second print.


Spider-Man/Deadpool #41

Marvel is hyping this as the “COMIC BOOK EVENT OF THE YEAR ACCORDING TO US!” It’s likely just a marketing ploy to draw attention to it, but it’s worth paying attention to in case there is something to come from it.


Electric Warriors #1

The introduction of a new character has many wondering, who are you and why are you wearing Superman’s cape? I’m not sold on this being anything of significance, but the potential is definitely there as a good read.


Vault of Spiders #2

A new week, a new Spider-Character in Captain Stacy. While it’s becoming cliché, it might be worth to grab and stash in case it ever becomes of something.


Cosmic Ghost Rider #5

The miniseries comes to an end, with it being described as featuring, “a few more surprises, some terrible deaths…and maybe a little redemption.” More hype that will likely not result in anything of significance, but worth paying attention to.


Blazing Covers

Catwoman #5 (Lau Variant)


Detective Comics #992 (Dell’Otto Variant)


Domino #8


William Gibson’s Alien 3 #1


Red Hood and the Outlaws #28 (Putri Variant)


Titans #29 (Putri Variant)


Could be Cool

Bitter Root #1

I love the regular cover here, there’s also a solid Mike Mignola variant. The premise is intriguing and you always have to keep a lookout for new Image series, but there’s been little hype behind it. It’s probably worth giving a shot at.


Life Is Strange #1

The Titan Comics new series looks somewhat intriguing, but not enough to be a must-read. This will likely suffer from a heavy week by the Big-2.

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