Hot Comics for May 15, 2019

What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?

This week appears to be a more middling week unless surprises pop up closer to Wednesday, especially on the indy-front. But there are several keys to keep an eye on.

What’s Hot

Naomi #5

This will be a must-have for anyone into the series as Naomi’s origins will be exposed. This will be a high-print run, so there’ll be no need to pay above cover price.

The War of the Realms Spider-Man & The League of Realms #1

There’re several reasons to pick up this book. This will be a key tie-in if you’re a follower of the series. Spider-Man gets the opportunity to his own team to represent Midgard. And there’ll be several 1st appearances. The first appearances will likely remain B-level at best, so it’s not likely one you’re going to look to load up on for holds or specs.  

Must Read

Last Stop on the Red Line #1

This week’s news that Netflix has signed on to develop more Dark Horse films and shows after the success of Umbrella Academy leaves us wondering what they’ll adapt. The premise of Last Stop on Red Line has all the makings of an adaptable show.

Marvel Tales Iron Man #1

These collections have been great so far and Iron Man’s arrives after the Avengers Endgame movie. The Bartel virgin covers are hot and do well above ratio.

Nightwing #60

The second appearance of Burnback will delve further into the character who’s targeting GCPD police.

Blazing Covers

Fathom Vol 8 #1 (Cover C – Retailer Oum)

Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Sujin Jo Marvel Battle Lines Variant)

Aquaman #48 (Middleton Variant)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder in Hell #3 (Cover A – Santolouco)

Web of Venom Cult of Carnage #1 (Danilo S. Beyruth 2nd Printing Variant Cover)

Could be Cool

Giant-Man #1

This book looks cool as Giant-Man (Raz Malhotra) leads a team of giants that includes, Goliath (Tom Foster), Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and Atlas (Erik Josten) against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & Freshman Force Who Dis One-Shot

I don’t get the appeal of the political comics, but they do well in the market with lower print runs.

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