Hot Comics for December 19, 2018

What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?

What’s Hot

Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian #1

One of the Guardians of the Galaxy members is supposed to bekilled off (for the next few weeks likely). Even with all the issues andtie-ins over the last year, I’m torn on this series. This will be a key issue.

Hardcore #1

The new Image series by Andy Diggle is going in this weekwithout a lot of buzz, but I’d expect it to pick up a bit by midweek.

Must Read

The Defenders The Best Defense #1

The real Defenders assemble for the first time in years. I’mexcited to see how this series will do.

Klaus and Crying Snowman #1

I love the Klaus series’ and am glad to see it back for thisone-shot.

Teen Titans #25

We get a look at the origins issue of Lobo’s daughter, Crush.

Aquaman #43

I’m hopeful for this issue as it’s released just days prior to the movie’s release!

The Punisher #5

Hydra is back, trying to re-lure Frank into their ranks. I doubt he goes back down that road, but the description promises, “The ending of this issue changes the entire game.”

Babyteeth HC Vol 01

If you read Babyteeth by Donny Cates yet, this is a great time to catchup with this new hardcover.

Blazing Covers

Lady Death Gallery #1

Batman #61 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)

Catwoman #6 (Lau Variant)

Life of Captain Marvel #5 (of 5)

Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Granov Fantastic Four Villains Variant)

Spawn #292 (Cover A – Mattina)

Nightwing #55 (Kirkham Variant)

Could be Cool

Freedom Fighters #1

The first of the new 12-part series kicks off and it looks good!

Love Town #1

This supernatural noir murder mystery by Devils due looks promising

This supernatural noir murder mystery by Devils due lookspromisip;

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