Hot Comics for August 29, 2018

What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


It’s an off week for the major publishers. All but one of DC’s regular series (Batgirl) are on an off week or with an annual issue. Marvel is pumping out more new Venom series’ (plural). Image only has a few continuing series, none of which are major titles. This is a great week to try new series, titles and publishers.

Can’t Miss

Hillbilly Red-Eyed Witchery from Beyond #1

Hillbilly has been one of the best series on market the past couple years. Red-Eyed Witchery from Beyond is the first of a four-part new chapter in the series and is already sold out to distributors. If you’re new to this series, pick up the original series graphic novels, catch up and get in on writer Eric Powell’s excellent title.


Beyonders #1

AfterShock Comics produces nothing but quality series and their latest, Beyonders, looks like a can’t miss. The new conspiracy, mystery looks amazing. The title asks, “What is the connection between a lost mountaineer, an indecipherable manuscript, and the lost library of Alexandria?”


Must Read

Scarlet #1

Brian Michael Bendis brings back his 2010 series which has been in development for a Cinemax series for several years now. Hopefully BMB returns the great ness of the original series.


Hunt for Wolverine Dead Ends #1

Marvel’s milking of the latest mutant resurrection has been a bit of a dud so far. Dead Ends looks to be more of an informational title, leading up to phase three of the resurrection. If you’re looking to following this long return, you’ll want to pick this up as it ties together the prequel series’ and Wolverine #1 which is released next month. If nothing else, this regular Marco Checchetto cover is worth the $4.99.


Edge of Spider-Geddon #2

I’m not too high on the prospects of this series. But, this issue is supposedly an important issue for the newest Spider-Man event.


Blazing Covers

Big this week are the DC/Looney Tunes villain crossover one-shots. They did this last year and were hot, several still holding value. The Batman/Elmer Fudd title is still going for around $20 for each of the two covers. This year’s covers look even better than last years.


Catwoman Tweety & Sylvester Special #1


Harley Quinn Gossamer Special #1


Joker Daffy Duck Special #1


Lex Luthor Porky Pig Special #1


La Muerta Retribution #1 (of 2) Firepower Ed


Monster Hunters Survival Guide Case Files Wendigo #1 Cover C Derlis Santacruz


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bebop and Rocksteady Hit the Road #5 (Cover C Aaron Conley)

Could be Cool

Venom First Host #1
Anyone getting Venom fatigue yet? IF not, Venom First Host is the latest in a seemingly endless string of Venom series Marvel is shelling out. I like the team of writer Mike Costa and artist Mark Bagley taking over the title so it may be worth the read.


Web of Venom VeNam #1
Wait, what? Now we’re getting multiple new Venom series each week? Writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman, both among the best in the biz at their roles, take on this series. I loved Punisher: The Platoon which was released earlier this year. Hopefully this series has a similar appeal.


Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons #1 (of 4)

Rick & Morty comics are like crack to their readers. Mix in D&D and this should be a cool miniseries.

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