Hot Comics for August 15, 2018


What are the Hot Comics Releasing this Week?


Can’t Miss

Pearl #1 (DC)

A brand-new series with a brand-new character created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, who are creating their first new character since Jessica Jones. Expect a lot of buzz for this.


Volition #1 (AfterShock Comics)









Another week, another AfterShock series that looks to be another can’t miss. This A.I. sci-fi series has an amazing premise and has the looks of an option-potential run.


Crowded #1 (Image)








The premise sounds promising and the creative team is top notch. It’s definitely worth picking up.


Must Read
Infinity War #2 (Marvel)

The latest Infinity series started off slowly with just a slightly dull Infinity Countdown lead-up series and tie-ins that were hit-or miss. However, the Infinity War has come on strong with many jaw-dropping moments, a strong cast of characters, and a setup that may lead you to believe, what initially looked like a gimmick with its release-timing, that this could be one of the stronger events Marvels released in a few years. But, we’ve been hoodwinked by Marvel in the past with strong starts. In the meantime, there’s no reason not to continue with the series.


The Rejected (Source Point Press)

Who’s a hotter publisher right now than Source Point Press? Their latest series, The Rejected, is a one-shot with a great premise that’s sure to please its readers.


Extermination #1 (Marvel)

If nothing else, Extermination brings hope that the O-5 X-Men will be removed from Marvel’s lineup for good. With Ed Brisson creating the series, there’s hope for this to be a solid storyline.


Blazing Covers
Batgirl #25 (Joshua Middleton Variant)

This was leaked weeks ago which will flood the market with prints, so it likely won’t be a high flip, but it’s one worth keeping for your PC.


Aquaman #39 (Middleton Cover)

Already trending at $20+, this Middleton cover is HOT!


Justice League #6 (Jim Lee Pencil Variant)

This is trending around $100 on the secondary market, which is about what you’d expect from a quality 1:100 variant. I don’t see this falling in price in the near future.


Cable Deadpool Annual #1 (Rob Liefeld Variant)

You should be able to pick this up for not much more than cover price, but even if you’re not a fan of the series, this Liefeld cover should be enough to entice you to pick it up.


Batman #53 (Kaare Andrews Variant)

Not a can’t-miss, but still a solid cover by a great artist.


Could be Cool
The Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 (Marvel)

Meh, it could either be another Spider-Man cheesy gimmick, or a fun read.

Terminator Sector War #1 (Dark Horse)

The first issue in the four-part miniseries; the description of the series sounds doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary for the Terminator universe, but it’s Terminator, so at worst it should be a solid read.

Weapon X #22 (Marvel)

The entire Weapon X series has been a solid read, with quality writing, artwork, and characters involved. Many of the members of the new team have worked together many times in the past, but their still well-liked characters who’ll be interesting to see where they continue with this series.

Star Wars Beckett #1 (Marvel)

I’ve asked before of the latest Star Wars series’, “Does this character really need to have their own series/miniseries?” But the series are usually worth the read. I didn’t think enough of Thomas Beckett in the Solo movie, but I’ll definitely give this series a shot.

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