‘Extermination #1’ – An Instant Classic for X-Men Fans


The Original X-Men’s Ending Begins with ‘Extermination #1’


Published by Marvel Comics
Written by Ed Brisson
Art by Pepe Larraz
Colored by Marte Gracia









It’s the beginning of the end for the original 5 X-Men as Marvel’s event of the summer kicks off with Extermination #1.


Extermination #1 begins in dissimilar fashion than many of its event’s counterparts – it gets straight to the story without an entire first issue filled with meaningless page-fillers to set up the series.


The story kicks off with a brief glimpse into the near-distant future where, as per typically X-Men fashion, the world appears to on the brink of destruction. Then back to present day, the usual mutant-hate groups take the streets and an unknown pair of mutants are stuck within their mob.


Without spoiling the issue, multiple unpredicted deaths occurred, each making the reader want to scream, “NOOOOOOO!” The dismantlement of the team begins as the mysterious hooded villain, with an unknown motive sets out to bring down the O5.


The biggest complaint of the issue was the imbalance of emotions tied with the loss of the characters, with a single character heartbroken over the loss, while the others displaying little or no emotion. However, this isn’t too surprising given the amount of story jammed into this single issue.


The entire issue is a butt-clencher filled with multiple story hooks that will that keeps the reader glued to each page. I’m not a huge fan of the O5, but this issue effectively captures the importance team, as well as other relevant X-Men to move the story forward. The series ties in the modern X-Men into the story effectively and builds additional plots than the extinction of the original 5. Brisson does a great job exciting the reader with action and explosions, without overdoing it and keeping the story moving forward. Extermination #1 certainly appears to be the start of an X-Men event we’ve been teased with for years, only to be later let down.


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