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What Hit


Weapon X #7


Finally, the book we’ve been waiting for. Weapon H with no Amadeus Cho to ruin it. While we don’t get to see Weapon H in his monstrous form, we do get to see him in his human form and the death and destruction he leaves behind as well as his flashbacks to destruction he’s committed. This is more of a setup story the ends with you wanting more. Borstel and Roberson draw a vivid story with D’Armata on colors, depicting the horror that is the life of Marvel’s newest badass. Weapon X along with the newly published Astonishing X-Men are the lone ResurrXion series that have hit.


This issue is also holding steady at $15 on the secondary market, but that price may come down a bit by next week.


Nightwing: The New Order #1


In 2040, Dick Grayson leads a group known as Crusaders against all remaining meta humans. This just 12 years after killing most of them, including all our favorite heroes and villains. The dark future is now safer, but at the cost of oppressing many who cannot help but possessing powers. And to Dick’s misfortune, the book ends with someone close to him possessing meta human powers. There’s many connections to the X-Men: Days of Future Past story arc. The issue sets up more questions than answers, which should set up a quality 6-part series.



What to Read


Generations: The Mighty Thor – The Unworthy Thor #1


The issue starts off with the repetitive, hardheaded teenage boy (Odinson) who doesn’t listen to his parents, but it quickly transitioned into a quality tale. Odinson joins his Vikings who are raiding Egypt, led by their own god, Apocalypse. Thor Foster shows up and they take down Apocalypse and the Egyptian army.


Afterwards, we turn to Odin, who’s summoned Phoenix to complain about his son. They reveal they’ve had a longstanding relationship before the final page, which will like be a prelude to the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC story. Jane Foster was a bit of an afterthought in the importance of this book, but it’s definitely worth the read.


Flash #29


Despite the issue spending most of its pages sitting around a table, discussing the previous issue and previewing the next issue, it was a solid bridge issue. It’s a surprisingly bloody issue with an unusual scene of Barry lying in a tub of ice water, soaking his wounds from his fight with Shrapnel. It also ends with suspense, which will lead to the next issue’s first appearance of a new villain called Bloodwork.


War Mother #1


War Mother is a futuristic, sci-fi tribal story that might actually work. The first issue is primarily a setup issue to the series, which entails Ana (the War Mother), who’s leading a tribe stuck in the safety of commune without proficient resources. The citizens wish to look out of the borders for a new place to settle, but Ana accepts the responsibility of searching for a new home. While she believes she found one, a new threat arrives. Stephen Segovia provides excellent artwork for the issue and the story leaves a hope for a quality series.


Secret Empire #9


The second to last issue in the Secret Empire main story arc was another solid issue, but also fairly predictable. All of the super heroes and many of the villains who joined Hydra are now fighting against Hydra. All seems near lost, but there’s one final battle huge they have to face if they want to end this war, which we will see in the next issue. It’s been a pretty cookie-cutter crossover storyline, but a still a solid read.



What Missed


Edge of Venomverse #5


A predictable issue filled with cheesy jokes and no real storyline. The cover is cool and is probably the only thing selling these books, but I just don’t get what the point of this series is other than ‘Venom sells’.


Hard Place #1


The first issue in a five-part miniseries was a bit of a miss. The issue wasn’t bad, but the artwork isn’t the best and the story is exciting if you were living in it, but it doesn’t really capture the reader.


X-Men Gold #10


One that’s nearly as good as Weapon X and Astonishing X-Men, the X-Men Gold series has solid as well. The few Secret Empire tie-ins, lack of teammates and regurgitated stories has kept it from being in the top group of ResurrXion titles. The artwork has been really good and the 90’s-theme has made it worth a read. They’ve fought the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Sentinels, and now Omega Red, with Mojo to soon follow, so the 90’s villains are in full force.


So why is this a miss? There was little of anything that happened in the issue. We were teased Omega Red, and got a few snippets of him, but mostly another tease for the next issue. While setup issues are important to the overall story arcs, to spend $3.99 to watch the X-Men play poker and Colossus talk to his estranged uncle isn’t worth it.


Cable #4


Another ResurrXion title that is nearly great, but so far has been a lot of build-up to something that may or may not be cool. The artwork has been solid so far, but I’m more than less waiting for the Cable #150 Legacy New Mutants story arc. Ed Brisson is one of the better young writers Marvel has and Jon Malin is an amazing artist who’ll do Cable justice. The team will consist of Shatterstar, Longshot, X-23, Blink, Armor, and Doop. So yeah, to sum it up, this series has been a huge disappointment, but I’m holding out for Cable #150.

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