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What Hit


Marvel Legacy #1


Marvel’s answer to last year’s DC Rebirth was a solid start to the new vision of Marvel Comics.


The issue kicks off with the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC storyline, which was truly intriguing. I wish they would transition a solo Avengers of 1,000,000 BC series from this issue, as readers simply get a snippet of the characters. We’ve heard so much about the team and I had hoped we’d learn about them. However, the first issue was meant to touch multiple storylines and set up others, which it did fairly well.


The Secret Empire was wrapped up with the final aftermath and ‘where are they now?’ questions answered as it transitions into the new series’. The bouncing between scenes was often choppy and some characters stories were unnecessary for this issue. The artwork transitions between Esad Ribic and Steve McNiven were noticeable. McNiven is a solid artist, but the differences between the two are too different to share a story together.


Overall, it was a solid setup for potentially a good new focus of the publisher.


Batman: The Murder Machine #1


The Metal series continues with the Murder Machine, centered on Cyborg’s involvement in the arc and Batman’s response to a version of Alfred murdered by his enemies. The storyline was really good, but the best aspect of the comic is the artwork. Riccardo Federici’s provides fabulous penciling with Rain Beredo’s in colors.



What to Read


Superman Action Comics #988 – The Oz Effect Part 2


Mr. Oz’s identity was revealed in the previous issue as Superman’s father Jor-El, who survived the death of Krypton. Issue #988 reveals how Jor-El survived Krypton’s death, his time on Earth, and the reason he seeks the death to the planet (as well as another comic turning to a Nazi tie-in).


I’m still not crazy about one of the oldest and most well-known comic book origins of all time. It seems like something Marvel would do because they ran out of ideas. I’m willing to give it every opportunity to win me over though.


Generations: Captain America


The Captain America Generations issue was much different from its predecessors. While most Generations issues have taken place over the course of hours, this issue takes place over the course of 70 years, following Sam Wilson and his impact on Steve Rogers’ life.


The issue was a bit slow and it lacks a lot to draw the reader in. I also thought Wilson’s passing the torch back to Rogers was a bit mundane. But the issue does deliver important points and it ties in the other Generations series’ together, explaining the point of them and their disappearance during the battle of Washington.


Suicide Squad #26 – Metal Tie-In


The third “Gotham Resistance” Metal tie-in was a great, fast-paced issue, featuring villains such as Poison Ivy, the Mad Hatter, and the possessed Suicide Squad. I love the teaming of the Green Arrow and Nightwing to go with Damian Wayne and Harley Quinn, and they add another new member at the end of the issue, which should add to the dynamic team. The artwork continues to impress. The only complaints were that the issue moved a little too fast that the importance of the book were missed and the characters themselves were a bit overshadowed.


Spider-Gwen #24


The latest issue of Spider-Gwen was a heavy-hitting, action-packed continuation of the storyline that sees the symbiote bonds with Spider-Gwen (who hasn’t it bonded with lately?). The twists involving alternate universe characters were pretty badass too. Spider-Gwen continues to impress as a quality, fun series.



What Missed


Cable #5


This issue was almost not worth the review. The arc has been disappointing and it concluded with a predictably poor issue. The series has gone nowhere, with nothing to captivate the reader, and an overall bust. The series will take a new direction next month, so I’ll stick with it for now.


Generations: Spider-Man


Maybe the biggest letdown of the week. I was hopeful for a good Parker/Morales crossover series, but what we got was more of a turd your dog left on your couch.


The story centered on Morales going back to Parker’s high school days. Very little happens in this issue and I don’t see the point of it. The throwback artwork was a cool touch, but there was no purpose of the issue.

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