Comic Pulls of the Week – Game of Thrones Variant


I typically find one or two cool finds a week while visiting random local comic stores, but today I found several, including a Batman/The Shadow variant, Game of Thrones variant, Flash variant, and a hot first appearance issue.


Batman / The Shadow #5 Mattina Variant Cover

This is one of the hottest variants this week with the average issue selling on the secondary market for ~$15. I picked this one up for cover price. I nearly bought it online yesterday because I love the cover, but I’m glad I held out and got it for just $3.99.


The Flash #29 Neil Googe Variant Cover

I mentioned this yesterday in my Hottest Comics of the Week article as my personal favorite variant cover this week. I found this one also selling at my local comic book shop for cover price ($2.99). While it’s selling for just cover price on the secondary market, it’s still a great find!


Game of Thrones Clash of Kings #3 Mike Miller 1:10 Variant

My pull list includes the Clash of Kings series and this week I was surprised to find this Miller 1:10 variant that is currently selling for ~$10 on the secondary market. I love the black and white or sketch variant covers and I was also looking at buying this online yesterday before being surprised with it today.


Daredevil #254 First Appearance of Typhoid Mary

This was mentioned as a ‘must have’ issue a few days ago in the Required Comics for Upcoming Netflix Shows article due to the speculation of Typhoid Mary being the main villain Jessica Jones: Season 2. This issue is in a real nice 8.5 condition. I purchased it for $15, while it’s going anywhere between $20-30 in that condition. The market for this book is steadily increasing with the speculation of the character appearing in the show. Once it’s confirmed, this issue should see a spike in price.


Not a bad pick up for one day, with only one of these four costing me more than cover price.

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