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This week’s Comic Pull of the week is a pair of Mister Miracle #1 issues that I found for cover price at my LCS. Even though these were sold out everywhere last week, there were several of them available at this store. I picked up one issue last week to read, and then decided to pick up these two more. The average price of these issues are still holding steady on the secondary market for around $15 each. Speculators loaded up on as many issues as they could, which drove up the market price. Most people who want the issue likely already have their own.  The bids on the eBay auctions aren’t as active as last week. This is why I didn’t load up on the rest of the store’s issues with the fear of having to sit on them for awhile.


Mister Miracle #1 is the first in a 12 part series that has been met with amazing reviews. Created by Jack Kirby in 1971, Mister Miracle was reintroduced many times over the past few decades. His last appearance was with Grant Morrison’s meta-series Seven Soldiers where Mister Miracle was revived as a four-issue miniseries. Morrison established Scott’s sidekick, Shiloh Norman, as the new Mister Miracle in this series.


Mister Miracle #1


The latest series is one of the best comic book titles of the year and will likely remain so through the end of the year. The stomach churning events throughout the issue combined with real human emotion make this series an instant hit. The price on the secondary market will likely fall a bit over the next few weeks if you want to wait to pick it up. Or wait until the (likely) second printing releases to pick one up. Issue #2 is scheduled for release next month on September 13, 2017.


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