Redlands #1 Gold Retailer Incentive Foil Variant



I found the first issue of Redlands #1, Gold Retailer Incentive Foil Variant for cover price ($3.99) at my LCS! This is limited to one per store and sold for only cover price! This issue is currently going for between $25-$35. I previously purchased the original cover before coming upon this issue. I plan on keeping both issues as I read the first and loved it and will keep this as collectors item.

Image continues to release one gold (and a few silver) foiled covers per store for the past few months, primarily as an incentive for retailers to give their new series’ a try, and these covers typically sell on the secondary market for between $20-30, depending on the popularity of the title. Redlands will likely be one of the better series, so this issues should maintain it’s value.




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