Comic of the Month Club – August Review


The Comic of the Month Club is a monthly subscription box filled with 9 comics curated to your preferences for just $14.99. You simply pick the titles and comic preferences and they’ll build a box specifically for you. They also guarantee you no duplicates, and if you do receive a duplicate, they’ll give you $3/book. Also, they randomly send out golden tickets for cool items. It’s a cool way to pick up some new issues of your favorite comics for about $1.60/comic.



So what Does August’s Comic of the Month Club box look like? Let’s see.



X-Men #59


X-Men #60


The X-Men #63


So the first three titles are mid-90’s X-Men titles, all nearly in order. Based on their quality condition, they’re valued at $3/each. And I haven’t read any of these issues.


The Punisher: Armory #4


The Punisher: Armory #6


Another 2 solid titles in excellent condition. Each valued at $3. Again, nearly had back to back issues, but I’m thinking I’ll need to pick up the rest of the series anyways.


Cable #42


Cable #44


A couple more mid-90’s titles, this time from Cable. A $3 value for each.


Weapon Zero #13


Weapon Zero #15


I added to my preference form that I wanted Image titles, as I love the 90’s issues that they released and I want to discover something new. #13 is valued at $3 and #15 is valued at $3.5.




A total of $27.50 in valued comics. All nine comics were in excellent condition and I didn’t own any of them. While I didn’t score with a golden ticket this is still a great pickup for $14.99.


If you’re interested in trying them out, their website is at There’s few comic sub boxes left out there, mostly because they weren’t providing customers what they wanted, but the Comic of the Month box has the makings to be a cool, affordable box that’ll be worth the price.




Comic of the Month

the Comic of the Month

Comic of the Month

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