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The Comic of the Month Club is a monthly subscription box filled with 10 comics curated to your preferences for just $14.99. You simply pick the titles and comic preferences and they’ll build a box specifically for you. They also guarantee you no duplicates, and if you do receive a duplicate, they’ll give you $3/book. Also, they randomly send out golden tickets for cool items. It’s a cool way to pick up some new issues of your favorite comics for about $1.49/comic.



Each box comes arrives well protected with bags and boards keeping each issue safe.



Batman #435 – Value – $5.00

Batman #438 – Value – $4.00

Uncanny X-Men #336 – Value – $4.00

The Venus Wars II #2 – Value – $3.00


Batman #439 – Value – $4.00

The Punisher #39 – Value – $3.00

Uncanny X-Men #303 – Value – $3.00

Uncanny X-Men #306 – Value – $2.00


Punisher #40 – Value – $3.00

X-Factor #75 – Value – $3.00


The total value of these comics came to $34.00, which is a solid return for the $14.99 cost. I love all of the Punisher, Batman and X-Men issues. Even the X-Factor issue was a great add in. I’ll give the Venus Wars issue a try, but it doesn’t look to be up my ally.



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