Cold Spots #1 Review: An Icy Start to the Chilling Miniseries


Cullen Bunn’s Newest Horror Comic Takes Shape in Cold Spots #1


Published by Image Comics
Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Mark Torres



One of the best horror writers in comics today, Cullen Bunn, begins his newest miniseries Cold Spots #1. Bunn recently wrapped up his work on the epic Dark Horse series, Harrow County, after 32 issues. He’s currently wrapping up X-Men: Blue for Marvel, Brothers Dracul and Dark Ark for Aftershock and Regression for Image. His latest series, Cold Spots, promises a “Psychological terror, the undead, and a supernaturally bitter cold come together in this spine-tingling new series.”


The issue starts off with a spine-tingling scene, which is created by Torres’ use of color and shadow in depicting the ghosts(?) of two children playing in their parents’ yard. However, the issue slows down noticeably from there.



Enter, Dan Kerr, a cookie cutter investigator who seems to fit the mold of every investigator in every mystery book/show/movie ever. The story seems to jampack three to four pages worth of material into the rest of issue. It contains minimal meaningful dialogue, character building or important events. The last few pages end as they started, with another eerie scene with many questions left unanswered.


Bunn is a fantastic horror writer and I’m sure the miniseries will pick up. Torres does most of the storytelling with comprehensible nonverbal communicators filling in for the minimal dialogue and sets the mood. With only five issues in the series, the fact that we don’t really know any characters that well or have any real knowledge of what’s happening will likely lose readers with issue #2. But don’t be surprised if a strong sophomore issue follows up next month and brings readers back to the series.


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