Best Variant Covers for August


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X #1D – Kevin Eastman 1:20 Cover

Value – $200

A solid 1:20 cover rarely is valued this high, especially for a poor miniseries, and a month after it’s been released. But this issue remains at a healthy $200 on the secondary market.


Dark Nights: Metal #1 – Greg Capullo B&W 1:100 Midnight Release Party Cover

Value – $70

The Capullo black and white cover is sharp looking, but it’s value is primarily based on the rarity of it. I can’t see this cover holding this high of value for much longer.


Harbinger: Renegade #6F – Lewis LaRosa 1:50 Sketch Cover

Value – $50

Sketch variants are the best, especially of monsters that’ll keep you up at night.


Robyn Hood: The Hunt #1E – Elias Chatzoudis Boston Comic Con Cover 1/250

Value – $30

Zenescope does some of the best variants with their comic con exclusive covers. They also had a cool Spirit Hunters/Boston Celtics cover.


Shirtless Bear Fighter #3 Andrew Robinson 1:15 Variant

Value – $30

One for the boys, now one for the girls. This cover sold out quickly, even at inflated prices. It’s not exactly something I would hang on my wall, but the artwork is still good it.


Redlands #1B – Retailer Appreciation Cover

Value – $20

I like how Image Comics provides these free to the comic book stores, while Marvel bends their buyers over backwards for variant covers. The gold/silver retailer variants are cool if you like the cover or issue, but they’re fairly simple and I wouldn’t go overboard with the price for these covers.


Mister Miracle #1B – Mitch Gerads Cover

Value – $18

The value here is more based off the comic itself, as I don’t think many care much for the difference between the two covers, but the variant is going for a few dollars more than the regular because it is a variant.


Shadow #1E – Tyler Kirkham Subscription Cover

Value – $10

There’s also a Black and White 1:40 Cover that’s going for $25, but I like this colored one more.


Batman The Shadow #5 Mattina Variant Cover

Value – $10

This is just a great all-around cover with the colors used as well as any on this list. This is definitely a frame-able cover.


Supergirl #12B – Stanley Lau Cover

Value – $10

This is one of the better DC Rebirth variants I’ve seen, with, like the Mattina variant above, makes excellent use of the colors in developing the cover.


All-Star Batman #13C – Sebastian Fiumara Cover

Value – $6

With the black, white, and red usage on the cover, you’d think Jock was still doing All-Star Batman covers.


Wonder Woman #29B – Jenny Frison Cover

Value – $3

This is another beautiful DC cover that’s value isn’t too high because DC does 1:1 variants, so the rarity of them isn’t the same as it’s competitors.


Flash #29B – Neil Googe Cover

Value – $3

One of my favorites of the month checks in last. This variant cover does the dark story within it justice.
















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