Best Comics of the Week of August 30, 2017


This article contains SPOILERS.


What Hit


Secret Empire #10


The 18-month setup to the Secret Empire is now over. It was fun(-ish) while it lasted, but it feels good for it be over. The last issue revealed a lot of what we expected; Kobik saves the world from Hydra and reinstates good Captain America. However, more controversial, she didn’t bring back the Black Widow, Rick Jones to life, or the City of Las Vegas. But everyone in the MU seems good with it as they repaint buildings and we now move on to the next Marvel shtick, Legacy. This issue may gain value over time, if something further comes from the series, but I wouldn’t expect it to raise too much. For more on the Secret Empire series, please see Secret Empire Series Review.


Halo: Rise of Atrox #1


This issue surprisingly sold out quickly, which is rare for a comic book-based comic, but it is remaining at cover price on the secondary market. I was surprised to see writer Cullen Bunn on this series. The story is solid, as a few soldiers remain trapped as invading moneys pick them off one by one, looking to extinguish all of them regardless of the resources they waste doing so (as they repeat multiple times). It’s good for a video game comic and worth picking up, but I doubt this issue ever gains value.


Kirby 100: Darkseid Special #1


Based on Apokolips, three Darkseid rebels attempt to break free from his suppression. They’ve been hiding from Darkseid for over three years, making life hell for him. Darkseid hires the Female Furies to capture them. With one of the rebels killed, Makayla, the leader, is then captured and tricks Darkseid into revealing his evilness on her Talkboy, then escapes with the evidence.


The artwork is dark and captures the mood of a suppressed world ruled over one of the evilest bastards in comic history.


What to Read


Deadpool #35


Despite the fact that the artwork was bad and the jokes were cheesy, if you’re going to finish the Secret Empire series right, you should pick up this book. The issue emotionally details Deadpool’s reasons for following Cap as a Hydra agent, even killing many heroes including Phil Coulson. Deadpool pleads with Maria Hill to forgive him and provides her wit the location of Blackout, who’s behind the darkness surrounding New York City.


I miss the old Deadpool who didn’t care what people thought of him and was funny because he was an ass.


Thanos #10


This was nearly on the ‘What Missed’ list for the first time in the series. The issue begins with Thanos stuck in the God Quarry, where the witches provide him with a vision of him as the leader of the Avengers. Thanos continues in a lame “you could be a hero” speech until Thanos goes Thanos and smashes Sam Wilson’s head like a grape and breaks free. He returns from the quarry and seemingly kills Eros. The Sisters of Eternity grant him his power and health back, without giving explanation as to why. Meanwhile, Nebula and Thane add several filler pages to the issue. What keeps this from a miss is Thanos’ temper tantrum in the quarry, then killing his brother, Starfox. It also sets up for the anticipated showdown between the re-motivated Thanos who’s fully recovered against his son, the Phoenix-powered Thane.


What Missed



Star Wars: Mace Windu #1


The issue had many hopeful among Star Wars fans, a backstory miniseries of any character is often to be celebrated. This issue was a miss. Taking place during the Clone Wars, the first 75% of the issue was filled with dialogue with cliché remarks and little of importance revealed. Then Mace with three others go on a stealth reconnaissance mission to an alien planet to find out more about their plans. But instead, they fly right into the enemy’s base, lightsabers out, and battling guard droids.


Worst of all, the artwork was terrible, with one scene (above) in which Windu is missing half of his face. How do you forget to draw half a face?


The last page gives the reader some hope for the miniseries to turn itself around, but so far, it’s a miss.


TMNT: Dimension X #5 (of 5)


The 5-issue miniseries finished with more of the same. The Turtles flew to their final planet to find another witness to testify against Krang. They ran into some trouble with the witness, but in the end, they get their target. I really don’t get why they pushed this weekly miniseries that will lead right back into the main series. It wasn’t entertaining and it was incredibly repetitive.


Uncanny Avengers #26


The first post-Secret Empire issue of the series, most of the issue is a superhero soap opera. Do we forgive the Scarlet Witch even though she was possessed by Chthon? Are we still a team? Let’s sit around and ask these questions for 30 pages. Thankfully, Graviton arrives and gives us some action. He takes the roof off the mansion with crazy eyes and blows the Avengers around until Wanda is tossed into the air. Uh oh! Who’s he going to blow next?

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