Avengers Endgame Comic Collectors Specs

What did we find from the Avengers Endgame Film?

The MCU wrapped up Phase 3 of their epic 22 movie series with Avengers Endgame this past weekend and with it came many important events highlighted in Marvel Comics as well as set up Phase 4 of the franchise.


Avengers Vol 4 #12

The most important defense weapon in MCU history was unveiled with the Iron Gauntlet, used to wield the Infinity Stones, and ultimately bring down the Mad Titan, Black Order and their invading army.

This book is trending around $75-125 NM

Captain America Vol. 7 #25

Not a huge surprise as we all knew Chris Evans was stepping down as Captain America, he would be handing down the shield and title to his good pal Sam Wilson. The Falcon and Winter Soldier TV show is set to film in the near future, and will officially be titled The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, not Captain America and The Winter Soldier, which leads me to believe he’ll still keep his nickname, which should cool this issue a bit.

This book was heavily printed at the time of its releases so if you’re looking to pick it up for your PC, let the smoke clear a bit before adding it, or check dollar bins that have occupied the space for so long.

This book is trending around $30 NM

Exiles Vol 3 #2 Javier Rodriguez 1:10 Variant

This has been speculated on for months now as this is the 1st appearance of the new Valkyrie. Rumors have been that she will get her own solo film. Avengers Endgame leaves her character recently appointed ruler of the Asgardians.

This book is trending around $30

Thor #390

Captain America becomes worthy to hold Mjolnir, which first is seen in the comics in Thor #390. It’s a cool scene, but there is no long-term spec on this book. But still a cool collector’s book.

This book is trending around $90

Asgardians of the Galaxy #1

Avengers Endgame ends with Thor leaving Midgard with the Guardians of the Galaxy and referring to them as the “Asgardians of the Galaxy”. This could be a punny comment or there could be more to it with the upcoming GOTG3 film. The leader of the team is Thor’s half-sister Angela, who would be a sweet addition to the MCU. Valkyrie is not likely as she split with Thor in AE. Skurge the Executioner died in Thor: Ragnarok. Kid Thor could make an appearance if they want to resurrect the character. Other members of the comic series include Throg – the Frog God, Thunderstrike and Destroyer, who was introduced in the first Thor movie. Or, this is all for not and everyone will forget the comment made in the movie. But it’s a great series even if you want to pick it up for a good read.

This book is trending around cover price

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