Alan Moore Comes Out of Retirement


Comic Book Legend Alan Moore Temporarily Returns from Retirement for PTSD Survivor Fundraiser


In 2016, comic writer Alan Moore announced that he was “pretty much done” with writing after a long, storied career. However, Moore, will briefly return to the scene to draw attention to Boris Johnson’s handling of the Grenfell Tower fire.


A total of 24 contributors will compose a forthcoming comic anthology titled 24 Panels, which will raise money for the victims and families of those affected by last year’s fire that broke out in London’s 24-story Grenfell Tower, killing 72 people. Moore will feature an illustrated poem titled, “If Einstein’s Right …”, which focuses on different moments from lives affected and even includes a mug-shot image of Boris Johnson.



Kieron Gillen, the Eisner award-nominated curator will serve as the editor of the anthology, with a mix of a dozen established authors that includes Irvine Welsh, Meera Syal, Christopher Brookmyre and Pauline Melville as well as 12 previously unpublished writers. Gillen has written extensively with Marvel Comics on titles such as Iron Ma, Thor, X-Men, and Young Avengers, and is also well-known for fhis work on The Wicked + The Divine and Phonogram.



Moore, 64, is known for his dark, gritty comics in the 80’s and 90’s that includes The Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Batman: The Killing Joke, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta. His work influenced how comics are written today. His success directly led to the “British invasion” of American comic writers, including Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, and Warren Ellis. His most recent series, Providence is a twelve-issue comic book limited series was set in 1919 and centers on Robert Black, a gay writer, writing a Great American Novel, which is used as a metaphor for social outsiders.


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